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Thalora Coaching - Unlock your essence

Virtual meetings or One-on-One in nature

There becomes a point in the life of every individual where they say to themselves, “I simply can’t do it anymore.” They think that life has beaten them and that they are tired of everything. They cannot figure out how to get past and overcome their problems, concluding that there is no reason to battle any longer. An attitude of “What’s the point?” develops.

Human beings are amazing. The truth is that we all have answers inside ourselves. What we just need is a hand to help us up so that we can take our knowledge and experiences, and use them to guide and direct us. What we need to learn is to draw on our inner essence, discovering that part of ourselves that helps us to overcome challenges.

One of the important lessons I have learned is that the most powerful things are really the simplest ones. For example you can:

  • talk
  • look for answers
  • remove obstacles
  • heal
  • grow
  • be aware of yourself
  • drawing your core
  • unlock your essence
  • let yourself become free, competent, independent, happy, and you will be successful.

What I would like to emphasize is that if you can change yourself, you can change the entire world around you. What you think will become reality, what you feel you will attract, and what you imagine will come to life.

There are only two mistakes that a person will make on their pathway to personal development – not starting and not “getting it” until the end.

Please See The Time Table For This Service Before Ordering

Please Select Your Time Zone When Selecting The Time During The Order If You're Not From Azores Time Zone (AZOT)

BUSINESS HOURS (whole year)
Monday 1 PM TO 7 PM
Tuesday 1 PM TO 7 PM
Wednesday 1 PM TO 7 PM
Thursday 1 PM TO 7 PM
Friday 1 PM TO 7 PM
Saturday 1 PM TO 7 PM
Sunday X X X X X

In exceptional cases, a time adjustment is also possible.

I am available for consultation Monday-Saturday, 1-7 PM. Non-prepaid coaching is $95 for a 60-minute session. Prepaid for a single session is $85.

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