Transform your life

Self transformation is not just changing yourself,

it means shifting yourself to a completely new dimension of

experience and perception. ( Joggi Vasude Vasudey) 

life while
Picture: Life while

Eight-week Reset and Restart virtual meetings

Virtual meetings

Look at the life wheel. Take a look at the things that block you from success, your weakest areas. What bondage do you need to release? 

What problems do you need to resolve? How can you become a masterpiece? These are questions that can be answered when you join this Eight-week Reset and Restart virtual meetings transformation.

Through these eight weeks, you will learn to clearly define where your weakest fields on the life wheel exist.

You will release those obstacles and blockages that are getting in your way, learning how to reach your ultimate goal – full potential.

Butterflies - Transform your life
Butterflies - Transform your life 2

»I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free« 

(Charles Dickens)

Please See The Time Table For This Service Before Ordering

Please Select Your Time Zone When Selecting The Time During The Order If You're Not From Azores Time Zone (AZOT)

BUSINESS HOURS (whole year)
Monday 1 PM TO 7 PM
Tuesday 1 PM TO 7 PM
Wednesday 1 PM TO 7 PM
Thursday 1 PM TO 7 PM
Friday 1 PM TO 7 PM
Saturday 1 PM TO 7 PM
Sunday X X X X X

In exceptional cases, a time adjustment is also possible.

1 session/week = total 8 session

Contact me today and start a new journey. Pricing is $90 per 60-minute session for those who choose to not prepay, giving a total of $720. If you prepay, the cost is $640.

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