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Dr. Mao`s products

Second Spring Book


Dr. Mao’s Second Spring book offers natural solutions for women’s health, including energy, sexuality, and vitality, based on traditional Chinese medicine techniques, without the need for expensive medicines or artificial hormones.

Other Books on Health and Healing

Dr. Mao’s health and healing books provide comprehensive insights and practical guidance on natural health and wellness, offering readers an opportunity to learn and take control of their health through diet, lifestyle changes, and natural therapies.

Dr. Mao's 8-Week Program

Dr. Mao’s 8-Week Program is a comprehensive, personalized approach to health and wellness, designed to help individuals achieve their optimal health goals through a combination of natural therapies, diet, and lifestyle changes. 

Dr. Mao's Products By Health Topic

Dr. Mao’s products cover a wide range of health topics, including immune support, digestion, energy, mood, sleep, and more, all crafted with natural ingredients to support optimal health and well-being.

Download Dr. Mao's Audio

Dr. Mao’s audio programs provide valuable insights and guidance on topics such as stress reduction, healthy aging, and natural healing, offering listeners an opportunity to learn and improve their health in a convenient, accessible format.

Download Dr. Mao's Vidoe

Dr. Mao’s video content provides engaging and informative insights on natural health and wellness, with topics ranging from nutrition and exercise to stress reduction and mindfulness, offering viewers an opportunity to learn and improve their health in an engaging and accessible way.