About Me

I live by the motto, “Be honest in every moment and simply live the truth!” It has been a motto that has guided me and served me well.

The reality is we all have some secrets nestled in the recesses of our past that we hope no one will ever learn. As a child, I was always a shy, quiet little girl. I was sure that no one ever noticed me like I was invisible. To me, it always seemed there was someone more important.

This made life a real challenge, but I am blessed that I have changed. With my strength, curiosity, drive, and positive approach to life, I began to question what I wanted for my life while looking for answers.

What I have learned is that challenges have led to me being a more confident and stronger person. Instead of dwelling on the event, I began to look at how it affected the big picture.

About Coach Aleksandra

I realized that there was something bigger and greater out there and I became more in tune with my feelings and emotions, becoming more aware of the impact that my words and actions were having.

It became clear to me. I can function perfectly well in both the business and spiritual worlds. Usually, people are dominated by one of them, but I found that I could thrive in both. This became a reality for me because I love being in nature. Nature presents a world of possibilities. Every day when I am out there, I discover something new and amazing, and I can see that nature is one of the five essential elements of life, joining the faith, hope, will, and love.

Once I became aware of this and was reaching the kind of success I desired, it became my mission to help other people to become a better version of themselves. If a person has a drive and desires to make changes, I want to be that person providing a hand up to them. I want them to start living a life they are truly worthy of.

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